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Blogalicious 2010: Spotlighting Leticia

Friday, August 28, 2009

Spotlighting Leticia

We are spotlighting Tech Savvy Mama today and please be assured that once you visit her site, you will leave smarter than before. I love visiting because I can rely on her blog to give me all the tips and reviews on what's the best educational resources for our little ones. Also, as her name indicates, you can count on her to tell you all about the tech toys for adults too!

Leticia will be speaking on the "Upgrade You: Taking Your Blog to the Next Level" panel and here's a little bit more about her:

"Leticia (aka Tech Savvy Mama) is completely addicted to the internet and any new gadgets. As someone born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, she thinks that the love of technology was due to both nature and nurture but her marriage to a network engineer took the geek girl in her to the next level. For a very brief period of time, Leticia was proud to claim that she owned more computers than her husband!

Leticia shares her love of technology, knowledge from years of experience as a classroom teacher & technology consultant, and perspective as a mom on
Tech Savvy Mama. Through Tech Savvy Mama, Leticia addresses current issues about technology use in the home and helps families find the best technology products, websites, and resources for children of all ages. She has found that her own children (ages 5 ½ and 3) are becoming quite critical about technology and are learning about qualities of a good website when looking at sites to review.

Being a classic Type A overachiever, Leticia isn’t content just working on Tech Savvy Mama and teaching. She is the City Editor for Being Savvy Washington DC, consults for PBS Teachers, is also one of five teacher moms who writes for Leapfrog’s Teacher Tagvocates, and muses about life in the DC Metro area on DC Metro Moms. Leticia also helps chair the parent group at her son’s preschool and was asked to coordinate the elementary school silent auction but since her daughter wasn’t enrolled yet, she took politely declined that opportunity. Leticia can often be found blogging, Tweeting, and working into the early hours of the morning while the rest of her family sleeps. To get through the day, Leticia relies on her morning coffee and her iPhone.

While at Blogalicious, you are most likely to find Leticia enjoying pampering treatments, using TweetDeck on her iPhone, or searching out any restaurants in the Atlanta area where Top Chef cheftestants currently cook.

In the event that Leticia wins the lottery or inherits a large sum of money before Blogalicous, she will still be there and won’t have given up any of the above."

Check her out ...
Blog: Tech Savvy Mama
E-mail: tech savvy mama at g mail dot com
Twitter: techsavvymama

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