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Blogalicious 2010: Brittany in the Speaker Spotlight

Monday, August 10, 2009

Brittany in the Speaker Spotlight

If you've been over to our home blog (, you may have seen that I have started my beauty bootcamp - to learn all things beauty in 6 short weeks. But what I really should have done was pop on over to our speaker, Brittany's, site. Brittany authors you can find her in so many other places, that I got tired thinking about how much she has going on.

Brittany will be on the "Cyberstyle & The Multicultural Blogger" panel and she's got a lot to share with us. In Brittany's words, "Clumps of Mascara is a beauty blog for ladies who are looking to enhance beauty, not perfect it. Follow the journey of a newbie in the beauty world with mistakes galore...and pictures to prove it."

To help us get to know Brittany a little better we asked a few fun questions and here are her responses:

1. Tell us something about you that you would never tell your mom?
When I was a senior in high school, I let a friend convince me to smoke a Black & Mild. It didn’t sit too well with my tummy. Hours later I was on the floor with horrible stomach cramps. My Mom rushed me to the emergency room and after thinking that I was knocking on death’s door, it turns out that I just had a huge bubble of gas in my stomach. She still doesn’t know how that bubble got there but I know it’s from the Black & Mild.

2. In your spare ten minutes each day, what would you wish you could be doing? What are you actually doing?
Relaxing! I really don’t get much time to do this on an average week day. Sometimes I just want to sit down and not do a thing. My full-time job takes up most of the day and then when I come home I immediately start getting dinner together and spend the rest of the evening doing Clumps work. That alone takes a good 4 hours. So yes, a good 10 minutes a day to just to sit down and be at peace would so rock my world!

3. If money was no object, what item of clothing or accessory would you like to have?
Wow, that’s a good one! And I am wrecking my brain trying to think of what I would like to have. Hmmmm….I would love a pair of Louboutins. But then if I had those, I’d have to up the wardrobe game too. I’d settle for a nice new camera.

4. You're five minutes away from work and realized that you forgot something. What would be that one thing that would make you turn around and go back home?
The Blackberry. I’ve done it before and you better believe I’d do it again!

5. Describe yourself in 5 adjectives?
Corny. Dramatic. Inspiring. Passionate. Honest.

6. If you were granted three wishes from an angel or genie what would you want?
1) Financial security for everyone! I know that sounds extreme but I dream big.
2) Removal of all diseases and disabilities.
3) I’d want for all of my favorite foods (especially desserts) to be fat-free, healthy and still taste as good as they do now. Talk about a wish. HA!

7. When you were growing up what did you want to become when you grew up?
I always knew that I wanted to do something with children. From 2nd grade until middle school I played around with the idea of wanting to be a teacher or a pediatric surgeon. Shortly after college I taught through AmeriCorps so I think it’s pretty cool that I stuck with something for once in my life. LOL!

8. Which is the trait you love the most and least about yourself?
What I love most-my ability to find beauty in everything. What I love least-my lack of focus. I have so many interests but it is often a struggle to sit down and focus on one.

9. Do you have a tattoo, where is it located and what does it stand for?
I have 3. I have a purple star on my ankle that I got when I was 18. I got it because I was bored. No kidding. I have an ankh on my back and a West African symbol called Gye Nyame on my wrist. It means “Only God” and it is my favorite tat!

10. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking?
Cup my breasts. It’s so inappropriate and so random but sometimes I feel the need to make sure they are still there. HA!

Please add Brittany as one of your favs! For more Brittany you can find her everywhere:)

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