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Blogalicious 2010: Ghennipher's in the spotlight

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ghennipher's in the spotlight

Social Media and the Woman of Color is the panel on which today's speaker, Ghennipher Weeks, will be participating. Ghennipher has a lot of insight on all things social media. Her blog gives great insight to the power and possibilities of social media and we are looking forward to her discussion. Here's a little more about Ghennipher in her own words:

@Ghennipher is a veteran of the search marketing industry. Her first taste of the ever-changing world of search marketing began in 1999 as a web designer and internet marketing consultant for small local clients. Over the years, she expanded her clientele and has gained recognized expertise as an independent consultant to ecommerce, lead generation and content companies, providing them with strategy assessments and development, search engine optimization, conversion rate marketing, PPC advertising strategies, and in recent years, corporate social media training.

During 2008, she researched and helped create the book "SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate". She is currently the Director of Product Marketing at The Women's Information Network Online (

With over ten years of business experience in the trenches, Ghennipher is a perennial all-star in the world of internet marketing, Ghennipher has been a noted speaker at conferences and industry events such as Webmasterworld PubCon, Blissdom, Touchpoint and Search Engine Strategies.

Outside of working, Ghennipher is an IKEA junkie and determined foodie, insisting on the freshest ingredients, double cream in her coffee and an absolute refusal of microwave ovens. She has an occasional weakness for giant chocolate-chip cookies. She would like to live on a rocky coast in a temperate climate, the west coast of France being one future candidate. All that notwithstanding, Ghennipher is a die-hard overworking techno-nerd-entrepreneur.

Read her blog about social media topics at


  1. I've had the pleasure of working with Ghennipher and I have to say she's the real deal. Can't imagine a better speaker on the topic for this event. What's more, she's wonderfully pleasant and makes the whole process of learning the tools of social media enjoyable.

  2. Thanks Chris! Appreciate your support :-)