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Blogalicious 2010: How Does A New Blogger Get Started?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How Does A New Blogger Get Started?

Often when I tell people I'm a blogger, I often get asked the questions, "How did you get started blogging?" "How can I get started?" "What should I write about?" "Why do you do it?"

For many of you new to blogging, the task may seem daunting, scary, or just unknown. Getting started is actually quite easy. I blog because it's become my hobby and meeting new people is acually therapeutic. Chatting with other women going through similar things makes it seem like my family is really not as crazy as I thought (okay, maybe we are just a little crazy).

Many people blog for different reasons. Some do it to promote their business, product, or service. Some people have found their voice through writing, find relief in their pain, and/or want to chronical their lives.

I first started blogging because of Justice Fergie. She's an Internet junkie by trade (read, it's work related) so she knew all the ins and outs. She set us up on Google Blogger using a template and with just a few simple steps we were all set to go.

We decided to make the blog about us, our daily experiences, struggles, jokes, and joy. Then agreed that using aliases was better than disclosing our identities. Sure we eventually began posting pictures of ourselves and the kids but we didn't see any harm in doing so. Others may disagree.

If you are considering blogging or are new, I recommend you consider what limits you'll place on your blog, if any, and how much information you want people to know about you. There have been stories of bloggers losing their jobs because of what they wrote. So before you admit to hating your job, your boss, or spending your entire day blogging, consider whatt impact that could have on your career. I once had a co-worker reveal to me that she had stumbled upon my blog and since then had been a lurker. I quickly ran through my roledex of posts just to make sure I had not written anything I would regret.

So here are the simple steps of Blogging:
1.) Decide whether you want your blog on Google, Typepad, or Wordpress. Google is free, the other two are not. There may be more but those are the three that I am aware of.
2) Decide whether you want to use a template or if you want to have a template created for you. Having a blog designed for you can range from $10 for a header to upwards of $140 for tabs and several columns. Our design on MamaLaw cost about $80.00. Pretty affordable, right?
3) Finally, decide how much information is too much information. Try to not reveal other people's business. Like the secret your BFF told you last week. Also, reconsider writing about someone if you are really mad at them. If you decide to put pictures of yourself, remember that what you put out there will always be out there even if you delete on your page.
4) Let go and just write. Consider it an on-line journal. Reflect, release, relate, and enjoy!

For those of you new to blogging or who want to learn how to do it, we have just the sessions planned for you at Blogalicious. Just another reason why you should attend the conference.

Do you have any advice for new bloggers? If so, share your advice in our comments!


  1. This is one of the reasons I plan on being at Blogalicious : )

  2. Great posting which i agree with. Although I do think its not as easy as people think. Blogging for me is an outlet and has developed over time. I also like reading about peoples lives and views. Its amazing what you can actually learb about yourself through other people. keep up the good work! Troj

  3. When I first started out, I knew there
    were things that I wanted to share, but
    I didn't know how I wanted to format it.

    Then I got distracted by family and
    friends looking for me to take on their
    projects simply because I wasn't working.

    After posting my introductory message,
    then coming back later to write, I realized
    that I could not remember my password.
    And for some odd reason it was not sent to
    my email address. After checking all my
    email addresses, I had to wonder if I
    deleted that particular email address.

    Maybe someday (hopefully soon) I will
    locate the password to my first account.
    So I can direct viewers to my new account.


    Don't forget your password! And don't
    rely on it being sent to your email address.
    Have another backup plan as well.

  4. I'm so glad I found this post. Technically I've only been blogging for about two months and I'm already hooked. Started of as a lurker,then avid reader of blogs and I finally made the transition to being a blogger. I must admit being consistent at first was hard but I found my rhythm. I can't wait to see what you have to share about being a new blogger at this upcoming conference.