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Blogalicious 2010: Blogalicious 2009 Chicago Meetup

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blogalicious 2009 Chicago Meetup

If you are planning on attending BlogHer '09, we want to know! We've already got a Blogalicious 2009 Happy Hour Meetup in the works for all of you that will be in Chicago that weekend. Stay tuned for details and see you in July!

[Psst! If you'd like to see a Blogalicious 2009 Meetup in your city before October, we want to hear from you too!]


  1. Can't wait to attend the meetup at Blogher!

  2. I can't make BlogHer but would love a DC Metro meetup!

  3. I can't make BlogHer either and would love a Ft. Lauderdale/Miami meetup!

  4. How exciting!! You know you can count on The BlogRollers to hang with you in Chicago! Please let us know if you schedule any others and we'll try to come depending where they are.

  5. I will be at BlogHer so I am definitely keen to meet you guys!