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Blogalicious 2010: Ask Suze Orman!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ask Suze Orman!

The Blogalicious 2009 and MamaLaw ladies have been invited to participate in Avon’s Exclusive Blogger Audiocast Hosted by Personal Finance Expert Suze Orman, tomorrow! During the audiocast, we'll have the opportunity to ask Suze (as if we're on a first-name basis) questions about women starting businesses in this economy. We're asking our readers for any questions that you would like us to ask Suze and we'll do our best to make sure you're heard! So...if you could ask this finance and media queen a question about succeeding in business, what would you ask?
Deadline to leave your question in the comments is 9am EST on April 23rd. Sorry for the short notice, but we just found out ourselves!


  1. Since I'm going to miss the call, I have a question.

    As young new parents, we're seeking advice on how to start a savings account. We're trying to bring in extra income so that we can do this. How much should we be setting aside each month? Right now we're trying to save for emergencies. Should we make any investments and what kind? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. Great question Sheena!

    There were quite a few of us on the call, so we were really only able to ask Suze 1 question each; that said, she was REALLY adamant that she takes time to answer ALL questions that people tweet her. Add @suzeormanshow to your list of Twitter follows and tweet her your question!

    you can also follow the twitter stream of the call by searching #suze (she did give some investment advice)

    She did say that families should be working to have about 8 months worth of savings in the bank during this unstable eceonomy. (that's alot right!?)

  3. How cool that you were able to participate in this!! Lucky ladies!