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Blogalicious 2010: Announcing the Blogalicious 2009 Theme - "Your Wow Factor"

Monday, October 5, 2009

Announcing the Blogalicious 2009 Theme - "Your Wow Factor"

At the core of all the captivating blog posts, the most engaging Twitter conversations, and the influential social networking communities is a powerful network of diverse women bloggers. We are in large part responsible for social media and Web 2.0 being the amazing phenomenon that is has become. Our similarities and differences and the colorful variety of voices that we bring to the online community keep our readers coming back for more.

Our influence and opinions are stronger and louder than ever and marketers and their brands are paying attention. Above all, our moxie is what keeps us connected to one another. As a group, we are fierce. Individually, we even more special. Each of us has a "Wow Factor" - something that makes us stand out from the rest. That "something" is what we want to celebrate at the inaugral Blogalicious Weekend. Over the 3 days (and beyond!) we want to hear and learn about that unique quality; that spark that

What's Your Wow Factor?

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