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Blogalicious 2010: But I'm a White Girl. Can I Still Come?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

But I'm a White Girl. Can I Still Come?

Why are people so excited about Blogalicious? What makes it so special? We think that it's because it is the very first event of its kind. Women bloggers of color have generally been ignored in the social media space or given short-shrift by marketers reaching out to bloggers and at other blog conferences. Enter Blogalicious 2009.

This event will be an outlet for attendees to voice their feelings and opinions; a place to share hopes and dreams; an opportunity to learn from one another about everything social media. The conference offers a getaway that combines all of the things that you love about blogging with the added element of face-to-face interactions and the intimacy of IRL relationships.

And the great thing about Bloglacious is that women of all backgrounds are excited about its mission and purpose. We think that's fantastic and we welcome participation from women bloggers of all colors. Really. We've been getting email after email asking: "I'm really excited about Blogalicious, but...I'm a white girl. Can I still come?" The answer is absolutely. We want diversity in the blogosphere, in the marketing world, and certainly at our conference. So come on down to Atlanta and join us! You'll be spending time with a group of welcoming women of all shades, all ages, all backgrounds and all levels of blogging expertise.

And please don't worry about how pale you are (this was actually raised in one of the emails we got) and instead, get to worrying about how you're gonna handle all the fun you're gonna have.

One caveat: We want Blogalicious to be a comfortable place for open and frank discussion for all, so if you're shy, don't apply!


  1. LOL. There's so much to comment on about those type of emails but i'm staying quiet ;)

  2. We're finding the same thing at Queerosphere (new story sharing site) about our wonderful allies, they are very respectful and even shy about announcing themselves, and wondering if they are welcome. Allies make it all possible.

    We are very excited for all the Blogalicious is putting forth and we're cheering with you. It's time that corporate sponsors, too, see the tremendous power that women of color in the blogosphere represent.