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Blogalicious 2010: Recap of Blogalicious DC Meetup: Creating Your Digital Footprint

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Recap of Blogalicious DC Meetup: Creating Your Digital Footprint

The second Blogalicious DC Meetup was another great event. Our speakers, Terri Holley, Scrappin’ Michele,ProMomBlogger and moderator Ananda Leeke shared advice, tips and priceless information on Creating Your Digital Footprint with our enthusiastic audience. Everyone in attendance also received an impromptu tutorial on Foursquare 101! The discussion was so lively and informative that we quickly ran out of time. These ladies were so energized to continue the conversation that they took to the sidewalk to chat…Next time we’ll have to plan for an afterparty!

Thanks to the Washington, DC Economic Partnership for lending us their swank space for our event, as well as to Niambi Jarvis and the DC Office on Women’s Policy and Initiatives, and Food Arts DC for the delectable refreshments.

If you missed the event, don’t worry – you can check out photos here.

Stay tuned for a meetup in your neck of the woods soon!