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Blogalicious 2010: More about tomorrow's FREE webinar

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More about tomorrow's FREE webinar

Our Blogalicious Bytes: Lessons in Social Media series continues with Session # 2 tomorrow, February 11th at 2 p.m. Please join instructor Adria Richards of and as she presents on the topic How to be Number One On Google without paying a Small Fortune.

If you own a business and you’re on the internet, you have probably heard about your “Google rank”. Maybe someone has called or emailed you promising if you pay them a monthly fee, they can get you to the very top of Google.

A study by JupiterResearch and iProspect revealed that 68% of search engine users click a search result on the first page and a full 92% select one of the first three results!

Adria will show you how you can:
- Increase your search engine traffic
- Improve the quality of the traffic so that you have visitors interested in your product, services, conversation
- Use tools from Google to understand what people are searching for
- Install Google Analytics on your blog to measure your traffic
- Evaluate your visitor traffic to make sound decisions on your blogging strategy
- Steer clear of fake offers to artificially boost your ranking

Adria will also discuss what SEO is and what it isn’t using an example of good SEO content development.

Please RSVP today and tell your friends.

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